To celebrate London Design Festival 2019, Silvera hosts designer Paola Navone in discussion with Becky Sunshine
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A homage to nature and its effortless beauty, McCormick’s Cascadia pendant takes its name from the Canadian Cascade mountain range. Inspired by British Columbia’s white-capped Cascades and organic glow of waterways that carve down the province’s west coast, McCormick’s aim was to elevate the distinctive glow of his artisanal, hand-created glass tubing and design a new modular pendant system of in nite permutations, highlighting an aesthetic of simplicity.

Cascadia is an expansion of the technique McCormick used to create his popular Dawn chandelier, re-imagined through the use of its custom-made LED tubing and the beautiful opaline glow it emits.

“The magic of Cascadia is in the pureness of its design and the ethereal glow from the bulbs themselves,” says McCormick. “They are hiding a mechanism that is part technical and part magic. We’ve been able to create the perfect gradation of light through the creation of this proprietary bulb, which is part of the mystique behind our Dawn chandelier. It made perfect sense to take the elegance of the light it emits and maximize its effect through the Cascadia pendant.”

Distinguished by its slender shape and the soft gradation of light from its hand-made, artisan glass tubing, Cascadia pendants are articulated and finished with a hand-polished metal fitting. The soft glow of the pendant is achieved through an opaline LED hue, balanced by the more industrial look of its metallic accents. Whether hanging alone as a delicate fixture over a bedside table, undulating over a dining table or cascading down a grand stairwell in a showering effect, the technical precision of Cascadia cohesively translates into in a piece that is both contemporary and timeless.

“Cascadia emerged through extracting the best ideas and techniques from our product pipeline and honing into our desire to constantly be iterating, thus creating new pieces that can appeal to any space or aesthetic,” says McCormick. “As a designer, I believe that we are always experimenting with curiosity, finding new and better ways to manipulate material, componentry and techniques – thus allowing for the discovery of new approaches to design as we go. I felt that the artisanship in the bulbs originally created for our Dawn fixture needed to evolve and elevate into a piece that hyberbolized the beauty in their simplicity, which far exceeded our expectations in the launch of Cascadia.”